Central Presbyterian Church is a socially and theological progressive Christian community located mid-town, Kansas City, MO. We are a small congregation with a large mission impact and a wide geographic reach. For many years the metro area’s only Presbyterian congregation that welcomed and affirmed persons who were LGBTQ, Central meets you where you are and strives to see the image of God in each person. All are truly welcome here.

Vision Statement

With God’s help we bring people together to worship and work for a just world, as Jesus did, through prayer, community action, ministries of compassion, spiritual friendship, and nurture.

As Christians, we welcome God’s children of all races, gender identities, ages, sexual orientations, family configurations, nationalities, faith backgrounds, abilities, levels of education, and income.

Letter from the pastor

When my son was four years old I sat beside him in a children’s church service. As the singing of the hymn “This Is My Father’s World” began, my son squeezed my arm, and whispered apologetically, “I’m sorry, Mom. You’re not in this song.” Then he held my hand, and refused to sing. Perceiving that the song’s gender exclusive language left me out, he sat in silent solidarity with me. Describing the reign of God, Isaiah 11.6 says, “a little child shall lead them.” Indeed, on that morning a child taught me two things: 1) how the church, despite good intentions, teaches us from a young age who is and who is not in the song; and 2) what it means to have an ally.

I feel privileged to have served as pastor of Central Presbyterian for 20 years. We are too small a congregation to offer multiple programs, worship services and study groups. Our strength is in our diversity and nimbleness which free us to proclaim God’s promise of love without conditions, and to offer hope to those unsure of their welcome in the church or their place in God’s heart.

The committed folk who make up Central Presbyterian Church choose the prophet’s fast of working to loose the bonds of injustice. They do not all have the same religious background, nor do they all agree on matters of scriptural interpretation, politics or favorite hymns. But they look together with confident expectation to the day when all God’s children find themselves in the song. I invite you to join us.


All levels of our building are accessible by elevator (at the Campbell Street entrance)or a 4-step chair lift. Handicapped parking spaces are located next to the building on the west side of the parking lot. Several of our restrooms are all gender. A diaper changing station is located in the unisex restroom off the dining room.

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